Transducer Shield & Saver "The Wedge" Shallow Water Bracket

Style: Minn Kota
Sale price$114.95


The Wedge is built in black polyethylene starboard material, aluminum black powder coated bracket and stainless steel hardware. Now available to fit Garmin Force, Lowrance Ghost, Minnkota Fortrex and Ultrex or Motorguide Pro trolling motor, .  The trolling motor shallow water bracket is used to hold the trolling motor in an UP position for “shallow water” fishing.

The purpose of “The Wedge” (shallow water bracket) is to:  1.  Raise and support the trolling motor top bracket for shallow water fishing.  2.  It eliminates the use of “water bottles, throw cushions, blocks of wood and you name it” .to hold the trolling motor in place while shallow water fishing.  3.  It eliminates having to adjust the height of the shaft, especially when Garmin Panoptix or Humminbird 360 units are mounted on the trolling motor bracket.  Why?  Because the propeller will be in the way of the transducer.

The standard upright raises and holds the trolling motor up to 8+ inches.  A custom upright to raise the height of the trolling motor to 9-1/2” or more is available upon request, at an additional cost.

The Wedge can be placed in the down position inside the trolling motor deck bracket when moving to your next fishing spot and with a quick lift and lock in place, you’re ready to fish again.

The Wedge does not need to be removed when stowing the trolling motor to lock in place.  The Wedge MUST be removed when deploying the trolling motor for normal operation.

Proudly Designed and Built in the USA

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