Power-Pole Move PV

Size: 45"
Color: Black
Sale price$4,999.99


Introducing MOVE PV - the revolutionary brushless trolling motor that tames the tides like no other. The ultimate game-changer in Total Boat Control, MOVE PV has been crafted with almost a decade’s worth of hard work and dedication from Power-Pole. This next-gen brushless trolling motor is designed to deliver unparalleled power, impressive durability and extreme efficiency - all while operating with near absolute silence.


  • Rugged, Reliable & Relentlessly Tested
  • Built-in Compound Failsafes
  • Aerospace Grade Titanium Shaft
  • Next-Gen Brushless Motor
  • Multi-Layered Corrosion Resistant
  • Whisper Silent Operation
  • Stealth Steering Drive
  • Extreme Efficiency


  • Quick Release Mount
  • 2 Wireless Hybrid Remotes
  • Commanding Thrust
  • Reinforced Techflow Propeller
  • Built-In Info Display
  • Easy Step-and-Stow Deployment
  • Advanced GPS Navigation Modes
  • Easy Life Assist Deployment
  • Flexible 24v and 36v Battery Setups
  • 1-Year Of Free ProNav Support
  • Mountable Charging Cradle
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