Monster Marine Lithium Live sonar 36v- 12/24v converter “The Bandit”

Sale price$150.00


Check out The Bandit converter box! One of a kind custom converter! This converter is designed to be hooked up to your 36v trolling motor battery connections at the bow of your boat and convert down from 36v to 1.) 12v stud for graphs & 2.) a 24v stud for your livescope black box or active target black box!


No more running wires from the back of the boat! Simply connect this device to your already ran wires where your trolling motor is being powered and you’re done! This unit gives you peak performance in the live sonar game! Giving you 24v to your black box and a steady 13v to your graphs! It does not let interference come between your units/sonar and the trolling motor!






Input: 32-45v dc



1.) 13v max of 20A

2.) 26v max of 10A



3.2” W

4.5” L

1.2” H

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