Monster Marine Lithium 1500 CCA 300AH Dual Purpose Cranking Lithium Bluetooth "Sea Lion"

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This cranking lithium meets and exceeds Mercury Engines new spec bulletin in every aspect!


The question we get asked often is will it work with my engine? Of course! We have tested personally with family and friends boats for a couple of years now as well as all of our major Pros running all career season on many engines to include: Mercury pro xs 4 stroke, Yamaha 4 stroke & sho 4 stroke both older and newer as well as Yamaha hpdi, Mercury Verado 4 strokes, Suzuki 4 stroke, evinrude 2 stroke, Mercury pro xs 2 stroke, mercruiser 4 stroke! These have all been tested on these engines for over a year!


The Sea Lion is our most compact, energy dense, cranking dual purpose lithium battery on the market with an impressive 1500cca and an astounding 300Ah of capactiy. Built with the most Advanced BMS system, Bluetooth monitoring via our app, using only Grade A cells, this battery makes it the perfect for those that want multiple run days without charging or for large off shore boats running bait tanks along with lot of electronics this battery can handle it ALL. 


Got 6-10 Graphs, Mega 360, 1-2 Livescopes, Shallow water anchors, bait tanks, all lights and pumps? This battery can handle it ALL!

  • Specifications:


    56 lbs 


    1500 cold cranking amps

    Size Dimensions:

    L 13.5 in (343mm) x W 7.25in (184mm)  x H 9.75 in (247mm)




    3840 Watts (Wh)



    Charge Volts:


    Continous Amps:

    200A max


    Top Post & M8

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