Monster Marine Dynamic Charge System "The Ultimate Dual Charger"

Trolling Motor Battery Size: 24v
Sale price$900.00


The Dynamic Charge System is Monster Marine Lithium's new charging system that is custom designed, custom built, & with thousands of hours of on the water testing it is built to become the best charging system in your boat.

The Dynamic Charge offers:

- Dual simultaneous charging:

charging at home of both the 12v battery and the 24v or 36v battery (or batteries if your running parallel batteries on 12v or 24v/36v side)

- Intergrated MML Smart Battery Monitoring:

Monster Marine Lithium's professional smart battery monitoring and maintaining system will monitor and maintain your batteries while plugged in to AC power at home.

- On the Run Charging:

with Monster Marine Lithium's intergrated smart battery monitoring system the charge will monitor your cranking battery prioritizing the charge into it while running your main motor and once your cranking battery is charged up enough, the charge will automatically start converting your motors charging amps into both your cranking battery and your 24v or 36v battery setup while running down the water.

- Emergency Jump Start:

the dynamic charge system is also integrated with a button on top of the charger that offers a reverse charge pulling from your 24v or 36v system converting back down to 14v at 30A to rapid charge your cranking battery if you did ever run your cranking battery down. This button can also be used for a short 30 min time limit of reverse charging if you need to put a little bit of charge into your cranking battery while you fish.

- Lithium Battery wake up:

In the case you ever run your lithium batteries down to zero and they go into what is low voltage cut off mode, this charging system will automatically wake the BMS in the battery and start charging your lithium batteries without doing anything extra.

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