Impulse Lithium 12v-280Ah LifePO4 Lithium Battery

Sale price$2,199.99


Looking for a Massive Power Bank??  The Impulse Lithium Platinum Series 12v-280Ah battery is perfect for situations that require more power.   Bluetooth Monitoring gives you the information of your batteries so you have confidence in the power remaining and health of your battery.  This 12v-280Ah battery is perfect for Boats and RV’s with many applications including Seakeeper Power, Electronics, Solar Power Banks, Off Grid living and more.  Most standard charges will work with these batteries but always check the User Manual to confirm compatibility.

12.8 – Voltage

280Ah – Capacity

100a – Continuous Discharge Current

200a – Max Discharge Current (< 5 Sec)

Case Size (13.58″ x 7.48″ x 9.65″)

60 Lbs

Series and Parallel Connections (4) Total

Low Temperature Protection

Over Current Protection

Bluetooth Monitoring

FULL 10 Year Non Prorated Warranty

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