DD26 Fishing Live Pointer Trolling Motor Head Forward Facing Sonar Directional Arm Kit

Style: Garmin Force
Sale price$59.99


The DD26 Fishing Live Pointer Forward Facing Sonar Directional Arm Kit attaches to your trolling motor head and provides an extended length sight line for casting! MLF Pro Josh Bertrand helped nail down the design and function on this valuable tool!

The base of the forward facing sonar pointer attaches to the top of your trolling motor head with the toughest bonding adhesive available. With the custom machined delrin base fixed in place, the carbon fiber directional arm extends 10 inches providing you a perfect visual to make a perfect cast!

  • Carbon Fiber Directional Rod with GLOW IN THE DARK POINTER TIP that can be adjusted to multiple positions
  • Extreme adhesive for solid mounting with machined base and custom cut 3M for a perfect and rock solid fit!
  • Weighs less than 3 ounces!
  • Our Live Pointer is a visible indicator up at eye level where it should be to insure the perfect cast in that narrow FFS beam!
  • The ability to rotate the rod 360 degrees allows for ease use of boat covers and avoids breaking the device if your trolling motor pull cord catches it upon deployment.
  • HANDS DOWN the easiest, most visible directional pointer on the market!
  • Available for the FORCE, ULTREX, QUEST and MOVE Trolling Motors!

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