Bass Boat Technologies Jack Plate Livescope Rear Mounts

Transducer Type: Garmin LVS34
Jackplate Brand: Atlas
Sale price$290.00


Options are for Garmin Livescope, Lowrance Active Target and Humminbird Mega Live

This mount is brand new, and every boat year and model are a little different, so this system should be mounted below the waterline on your lack plate when idling, but out of the water when boat is on plane.

All jack plates are not the same, you want to mount the Jack plate bracket to where the Transducer it is about 3-4 inches from the back of your transom and not hit anything when rotated upwards to the 30-degree angle (See Pic.). Like Skeeters and Caymas boats that have a fiberglass hump on each side of boat that sticks outward in the way of the Transducer, in this case your Transducer will need to be move backwards enough to miss the humps.

This Bracket system allows you to mount either the Active Target or LVS34 Transducer to your jackplate. The bracket allows you to rotate the Transducer to "Level" and also allows you to adjust the angle of transducer looking outward in the water. Both Active Target and LVS34 Transducers should be angled upward approx. 30 Degrees. See picture for example.

This Humminbird jackplate mount consist of the pole mount bracket only. This mount utilizes the factory TM shaft bracket and it attaches to the pole.

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